Member of Technopan Group (Since 1970)

During the last decades, Iran has developed to be as one of the great producers of cements through accomplishiment and operation of the several projects planned to increase the production capacity of cement for developing and carrying out large governmental domestic constructional projects and exporting to the foreign countries.

With close relations with the many Iranian cement producers and factories, Rasis Afzar Co. Ltd. is able to supply the construction companies with required cement needs. 

We are ready to supply and export different types of high quality cement for different applications as follows:

Portland Cement

Portland cement is used for different application such as resistance against sulfate exposure, bridge piers and heavy buffering walls, mortar and concrete, etc. Here is the list of differnet types of Portland Cements:

  • P.C. Type I: used for normal applications with no specific charachteristic,
  • P.C. Type II: used where the hydratation temprature is moderate,
  • P.C. Type III: used where high strenghth in short periods is considered,
  • P.C. Type V: used for high resistance against sulfate exposure is required,

and other types of Cement include White Cement for constructional purposes, etc.

Oil Well Cement

Oil Well Cement is a special type of cement used in drill operations in oil and gas well cementing to keep the borehole stable during and after drilling. There are different Classes of oil well cement according to API standard. 

We are able to supply the following classes:

  • Class A : used in 0 to 6000 feet depth and the temperature lower than 170 °f. 
  • Class D : used in 6000 to 10000 feet depth with relatively high pressure zones. 
  • Class E : used in 10000 to 14000 feet depth with relatively high pressure and high temperature zones.
  • Class G : used as base cement from the surface to 8000 feet depth. 

Any other types of cements and other constructional and building materials are also supplied asp the customers' inquiries and needs. Complete detailed specifications for the above mentioned cements are available upon your request.