Member of Technopan Group (Since 1970)

Traffic Monitoring is one of the main sub-fields of Monitoing Department in which the different aspect of Traffic Management Systems such as Traffic Control Systems, Weigh in Motion, etc. are studied, designed, set up, operated and analyzed according to the pre-planned requirments by the Client.

Following is a sample aspect of Traffic Monitoring applications described.

Weigh in Motion

Vehicle overloading has been identified as one of the major contributors to road pavement damages. 

Using WIM system in terms of generating more accurate data for enforcement purposes and at the same time improving safety and reducing the number of vehicle weight violations on the roads. 

Rasis Afzar R&D section has recently developed a very accurate Low Medium and High speed Weigh in Motion (WIM) complete solution based on Kistler’s Lineas quartz sensors. 

The system is integrated with Automatic Number Plate Reading feature including the following features:

  • Number of axles
  • Axle spacing
  • Axle Weight
  • Vehicle speed
  • Vehicle class
  • Trailer detection
  • Dual tire detection
  • Vehicle gross weight
  • Weight enforcement