Member of Technopan Group (Since 1970)

Welcome to Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Department... 

 Rasis Afzar Co. is a well-known company involved in supplying of piping materials for Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Electrical Power Plants, etc. in Iran and the Middle East countries. We are fully experienced to supply the piping materials from the leading European manufacturers in Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, etc.

These materials are supplied in high quality including related technical services according to the latest international standards in based on the Client's technical requirements or drawings. All materials are delivered with mill test certificates for different parts.

It is notable that Iran is one of the most important resources, producers and exporters of Oil and Gas products in the world. There are many developing oil and gas projects in Iran and Rasis Afzar Co., Ltd. has participated in material procurement activities for different projects as in the following fields:

  • Oil extraction in new fields
  • New oil refinery plants
  • New oil Pipelines for fuel transmission
  • Gas extraction project in South Pars off-shore and on-shore Gas Field in Persian Gulf as the second major gas resource in the world.
  • New gas refining plants
  • Gas pipelines to expand the Gas transferring network in Iran and also export to the neighboring countries.
  • New petrochemical plants in Assaluyeh zone, etc.
  • New combined cycle electrical power plants

Rasis Afzar Co., Ltd. is able to supply piping material, equipment and instruments for such projects in accordance with the international standards and high quality related technical commercial services. Our material sources are among the international leading manufacturers in Europe that issue the mill test certificate for their materials.