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Iran is one of the main oil producing countries and there are notable oil resources throughout this country.  

There are many operating refineris and distribution centers and pipe line projects with defined plans for development of operation or capacity escalation. 

Iran's oil refineries can be listed as follows:

  • Abadan Refinery 
  • Arvand oil refinery
  • Arak Refinery 
  • Tehran Refinery 
  • Isfahan Refinery 
  • Tabriz Refinery 
  • Shiraz Refinery 
  • Lavan Refinery 
  • Bandar Abbas Refinery 
  • Kermanshah refinery 

Meanwhile, there are also so many accomplished or on-going projects for extraction and transmission of oil from these resources. 

Following is the list of some of these projects and operating oil refineirs in Iran:

  • Project of Mansoori Oil Field
  • Project of South Azadegan Oil Field
  • Project of North Azadegan Oil Field
  • Project of Yadavaran Oil Field
  • Project of South Yaran Oil Field
  • Project of North Yaran Oil Field
  • Project of Azar Oil field
  • Project of Changuleh Oil field
  • Project of Salman Oil Field
  • Project of Band-e-Karkheh Oil Field
  • Project of Darquain Oil Field, Phases 1&2
  • Project of Masjed Soleiman Oil Field
  • Projects of Soroosh and Nowrooz Oil Fields
  • Project of Balal Oil Field
  • Projects of Foroozan and Esfandiyar Oil Fields
  • Project of Dorood Oil Field

and so many other projects for which there is a great potential for material and equipment supply.