Member of Technopan Group (Since 1970)

Systems and Sensors:

We are proud to supply a full range of Structural Health Monitoring Systems from conventional electrical sensors and data loggers to fiber optic and laser measurement systems including a full range of softwares from data acquisition to vibration analyzes.

Conventional Systems and Sensors

A wide range of conventional monitoring systems and sensors are available as in the following list:

  • Concrete corrosion sensor, reading unit and data logger
  • Concrete humidity sensor, reading unit and data logger
  • Strain/Deformation sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Load cells
  • Anemometers
  • Thermometers

Fiber Optic and other High Tech. Systems, and Sensors

Our fiber optic sensors and systems have got a wide variety due to achieving the highest compatibility with every engineering demands.

We supply a full range of sensors with fiber optic systems in the following categories:

  • Fiber Optic Strain/Deformation sensor
  • Fiber Optic Acceleration sensor
  • Fiber Optic Temperature sensor
  • Fiber Optic Tilt meter/Inclination sensor
  • Fiber Optic Concrete setting sensor
  • Fiber Optic Reading units
  • Fiber, Optic Switches
  • Fiber Optic Junction box/cables/accessories
  • Full range of softwares
  • Laser Distance Meters
  • GPS Movement Detectors
  • Robotic Laser Distance Meters
  • Fiber Optic Pipeline Leak Detection Sensor
  • Fiber Optic Pipeline Integrity/Leak/Strain/Deformation monitoring sensor