Member of Technopan Group (Since 1970)

Rasis Afzar Co., Ltd. offers the follwing Technical Services to its clients and customers:

  • Provision of (Seamless or Welded) pipes for pipelines in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and water applications
  • Provision of complete piping packages with many complicated items and large variety of materials. Such as Fittings, Flanges, Valves, Gaskets, Instruments and etc.
  • Checking and revising of piping packages inquiries in aspect of technical specifications and relevant standards.
  • Preparing and adjusting of complicated pre-inquiries according to manufacturers requirement, to offer or producing.
  • Making meetings or technical negotiations with engineering companies to design or establish Gas stations, storages or pipelines and also petrochemical projects plants.
  • Preparing complete offers with technical and commercial considerations for clients or governmental formal tenders during validity.
  • Provision of small packages from our availables tock warehouses in Europe whit short delivery to supply some probable over hall services or shortages of projects.
  • Searching and developing of new technologies as per our client requirements and also transferring of knowledge to make local technology.
  • Finishing, Cutting, Adjusting, Beveling, Marking, Polishing, Pickling and special packing are our special services.

All metal products or piping materials will have mill test certificates according to EN 10204 standards with chemical composition of materials and mechanical properties or tests.

The following tests are applicable according to client`s requirements to increase reliability, as follow:

  • Destructive and Non Destrine tests (DT and NDT)
  • HIC and HSC tests
  • X-Ray and Ultrasonic Tests (UT)
  • PMI tests

All above mentioned test can be applied in manufacturer laboratories with third party inspection certifications such as SGS, BV, Lloyds, IEI, etc.