Member of Technopan Group (Since 1970)

We are confident to give our customers the best quality engineering services involved in our business line. Such a confidence is achieved by having close relationships between Rasis Afzar Company and a few of scientific centers, universities and structural health researchers. 

We believe monitoring is a very extended and complicated process and overall success of the whole process is tidily connected to fulfillment of every small stage included.

Therefore different levels of services are granted to our customers due to guarantee the success of the whole process including:

  • Preliminary case studies
  • Evaluation of engineering and technical needs and demands
  • Establishing the Monitoring goals
  • Identifying main parameters to be monitored
  • Selecting proper monitoring system
  • Selecting sensor types and their arrangement
  • Designing the sensor network and cabling
  • Software customization for the system due to our client needs
  • Data Acquisition and recording
  • Processing data using proper software and knowledge
  • Implementation of results to learn unusual behaviors
  • Giving advices to our customers in order to do perform in time refurbishment interventions

Rasis Afzar Company has established Structural Technology and Analysis Department in 2013 with the goal of giving our customers the highest level of structural analysis needed in our Structural Health Monitoring activities. This section is expertise in the following services:

  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Ambient Vibration Testing
  • System Identification
  • Stochastic subspace identification
  • Mode Shapes
  • Damping
  • Assessment of the Structure